Laser Lab India Pvt. Ltd.

Mini 24 Laser

Legend Mini 24 Laser � Co2 Laser systems is used for cutting as well as engraving purposes. The features of Mini 24 Laser include a larger workspace than the mini 18. The epilog Mini 24 Laser is perfect for customers looking for a machine that is suitable for nearly any job. The Mini 24 Laser offers our exclusive radianceTM optics package, air assist, Auto focus, integrated vector Grid / Vacuum Table and more! This Mini 24 Laser is designed in the labs located in the US.

Wattages : 30, 40, 50, or 60 watts

Work Area : 24" x 12" (610 x 305 mm)

Features : Red dot pointer, air assist, motorized Table, 2" (51mm) focus lens, Relocatable home, laser dashboardTM and Radiance optics

What it does?
Engraves and / or cuts wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, marble, coated metal, stainless steel with cermark.

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